Friday, January 2, 2015

BW on HANA Training and Certification

BW on HANA Training

HANA is created to be a very fast general-purpose database and application platform, whereas BW is an application that works as a toolkit for building and upholding data warehouses. Concluding which product logic for our use case is a big topic, but I tell an overview of the conclusion making process in this blog on how the selection between SAP BW and HANA depends on someones data management needs.

Despite addressing multiple different needs, SAP BW can gain from SAP HANA, and vice versa. SAP BW needs a solid application platform (presently NetWeaver ABAP fills the role) and a quick database, specifically for analytic workloads. HANA suits the bill here. Meanwhile, businesses developing data marts and data-centric applications on HANA will later begin to feel the pain of working a large and various data environment. BW's data warehousing skills can help here.

The "SAP BW With HANA (Training)" version of BW is already becoming quite connect with HANA, powering HANA's capabilities to deliver features that are unavailable when BW is running on other databases. I anticipate that over time the dual platforms will continue to become more intertwined. The article By what means SAP BW and HANA will merge over time -- and why it matters goes through  various possible ways the two applications will come nearer together.

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